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Bargeldloses Bezahlen am Terminal

The pros and cons of cashless payments

What is loved by some is watched with discomfort by others. Cashless payment is becoming more and more popular in Germany. In 2020, around half of all transactions were made with a bank card o...

8 Dinge die einen guten Geldbeutel ausmachen - Kaufkriterien für Geldbeutel - Lockcard

8 things that make a good wallet - purchase criteria for wallets

In my opinion, a contemporary wallet no longer has to be big. A small package size usually also results in a low weight. Handling is another important criterion, but with a little practice you wil...

Münzgeld - Die drei sinnvollsten Verwendungsmöglichkeiten - Lockcard

Coins - The three most sensible uses

Coins are a problem for users of small wallets, slim wallets or card cases. For those with a large purse, you can put it in your purse, but that makes your purse even bigger and heavier.

Höhenvergleich kleiner und großer Geldbeutel

Modern wallets - differences in structure, handling and names

Small dimensions and lightness make a modern wallet. This is mostly achieved by reducing material and using lighter materials than leather. However, the decisive criterion for a smaller pack size ...

Einfach und verständlich erklärt - Der Unterschied zwischen aktiven und passiven RFID-Blockerkarten - Lockcard

Explained simply and understandably - The difference between active and passive RFID blocker cards

Although active and passive blocker cards do not differ in appearance, the functionality and structure are very different. These differences in both types of blockers are also responsible for the d...

Lockcard Wallet mit Apple Air Tag

You'll never lose your wallet again

With its Air Tag, Apple has found an elegant solution to the problem of losing important everyday objects - which can now be cleverly built into our Lockcard Wallet. All you have to do is clip the...

Überfüllter Geldbeutel

4 steps to lighten your wallet and therefore your pocket

Tired of walking around with a bulky heavy leather wallet? We have the solution for you, but maybe it's enough for you to simply do a big clean-up campaign through your wallet.

Der Lockcard Holder im Einsatz

How the Lockcard Holder simplifies your life

You've just left the house, you're on your way to work, you check your trouser pockets to make sure you've got everything with you and you realize: shit, you forgot your wallet again. So back in...

Lockcard Wallet in Hosentasche

7 reasons why you should switch to a lockcard wallet

We looked around for a long time and didn't find a wallet that met our needs as well as the Lockcard Wallet . Classic leather purses fell away because of their size and bulkiness. Although card ca...

Lockcard Keyplate

3 reasons why you should keep your keys in your wallet

In contrast to the many key organizers that are flooding the market right now, she thinks Lockcard Keyplate new way to store your keys. Instead of just clipping or tucking your keys neatly into an...

Lockcard Wallet im Vergleich zu einem Ledergeldbeutel

What should a modern wallet look like?

Coins and the notes that came later have lost their importance in our society. Nevertheless, the majority of the German population uses a wallet that is designed for trading in coins and banknote...