7 reasons why you should switch to a lockcard wallet

Lockcard Wallet in Hosentasche

The wallet market is overflowing with models of different colors, materials, shapes and names. Some call the purse a purse, wallet or card case, while others call it a slimwallet or smartwallet.

When the idea of ​​the Lockcard Wallet came to us, we asked ourselves: Can we really create another wallet in this saturated market that offers unique added value to people who are looking for a wallet?

We looked around for a long time and didn't find a wallet that met our needs as well as the Lockcard Wallet . Classic leather purses fell away because of their size and bulkiness. Although card cases scored with their compactness and size, they had no possibility to take cash with them. It was only with the creation of the Lockcard wallet that we were able to cover all of the requirements we had for a wallet. You can find out here what makes it special and unique.

7 reasons that speak for the Lockcard Wallet - and against a conventional leather wallet

1. The most compact and lightest format in the world

The Lockcard Wallet has the smallest possible dimensions on the market. Thanks to the simple construction, consisting of two shells that protect your cards and an elastic band, our wallet has the footprint of a credit card and is also only a few millimeters thicker than one. In addition, the Lockcard Wallet weighs 21 grams, and the Lockcard Wallet Air only weighs 13 grams thanks to the new design.
The elastic rubber band allows your lockcard wallet to adjust to the number of cards. No matter how many cards you have with you, the Lockcard Wallet always has the smallest possible dimensions.

2. Adapts to your needs

Unlike many card cases and small wallets on the market, you don't have to compromise on the amount of cash with the Lockcard Wallet . We are of the opinion that the change at the bakery, if you cannot pay by card, should be in your wallet and not in your trouser pocket. We offer three different cash compartments : One with a height of one coin for unplanned payments with your emergency bill, a second with a height of two coins for those who regularly pay with cash, and our largest cash compartment with four coins for people who who carry a lot of coins in their purse and don't want to take them out. You can also take other items such as USB sticks or SD cards with you in a large cash compartment.

3. Use as a cell phone tripod

If you want to take a long exposure landscape shot with your phone or plan to film yourself doing an activity, you no longer need someone to hold your phone at the right angle - the Lockcard Wallet can now be used as a phone tripod use. To do this, place your wallet on its long edge and slide your mobile phone between the outer shell and the elastic band. It's ready to go.

4. Keeping the keys in the purse

Of course you can also simply keep your keys in the coin compartment of your wallet. But apart from the fact that your wallet will then be even bigger and the keys could possibly be on your coins, it is also not a secure solution as the keys could fall out when paying. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: With the help of the Lockcard Keyplate , which can be easily slid into your wallet, your keys are stored securely and in a space-saving manner in the Lockcard wallet . I went into more detail about the reasons why you should keep your keys in your wallet in the last blog article .

6. The first purse with a permanent place

At some point we got tired of searching pocket after pocket for purses and bunch of keys. It was clear to us that an inconspicuous, small wallet needs a permanent place so that you always have it at hand. The lockcard holder can be that place where you can put and find your lockcard wallet when entering and leaving the house. It is simply a bracket that you attach to the wall or any piece of furniture and into which you simply slide your Lockcard Wallet. This not only saves you valuable space on your desk, but also future searches.

6. Made in Germany

We expect our start-up to produce products with excellent quality and a good CO2 footprint. It is therefore not compatible for us to have our small purse or the Lockcard Keyplate manufactured under poor working conditions, low environmental standards, with long transport routes to Germany and overall inferior quality. Although we have significantly higher costs overall in Germany, we can make a small difference with a clear conscience and high-quality products - and thus make a small contribution to environmental protection.

7. Support for a young start-up

As you may have already read on our About Us page , Aaron and I (Jonas) decided while we were still in high school, as good friends, to set up our own start-up with the aim of creating innovative products where a joy to hold, look at and use. With your purchase, you not only support our start-up - you also ensure that our products become increasingly high quality, sustainable and cheaper - which you can also benefit from in the long term.


Every person has different reasons for parting with something old and getting involved with something new. Perhaps for you it is the minimum size of the lockcard wallet that is the decisive factor in parting with your old wallet. But maybe also the possibility to adjust your wallet according to your preferences and needs.

If you want to say goodbye to your baggy trouser pocket, you will find the Lockcard Wallet and many other product innovations in our shop .

If you have a question about our products or if you have something else on your mind, then simply send us an email to: info@lockcard.de , we look forward to hearing from you.

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