3 reasons why you should keep your keys in your wallet

Lockcard Keyplate

Unlike the keychains of teachers and janitors, the average person's keychain doesn't have nearly as many keys. Nevertheless, a good order, clarity and storage of your bunch of keys are things that can make your life a little bit more pleasant.

One way to keep your keys in your wallet is of course to put them in the coin compartment. However, there is an easier and better solution for you. You will learn about this in this article. But let's start from the beginning.

Why should I even keep my keys in my wallet?

The question is quickly answered:

1. No more annoying rattling of keys or annoying keychains

Ok, we have to admit, the possibility of not being able to take key fobs with you anymore if you dissolve your bunch of keys and put them in your wallet is probably more self-protection :)

The renunciation of the annoying rattling of keys probably not. Many people can only be recognized by the noise when they unlock the front door. To avoid this happening to you in the future, you can consider keeping your keys in your wallet.

2. One less item in your head and in your pocket

Everyone knows it: the front door just closed, mobile phone and wallet in your pockets - but the key is left in the house again. So that home doesn't happen to us again and we don't leave our keys outside when we meet friends, we stow them in our wallets.

You'll notice it more if you forget your keys and wallet together instead of losing the bunch of keys alone. In addition, you already have to struggle with the weight of the wallet in your pocket anyway - unless of course you have a lockcard wallet ;)

3. No more baggy pockets

Depending on how many keys you carry around with you on your bunch of keys and how many key fobs there are, your bunch of keys can become quite a heavy chunk in your pocket.

Not only the weight of the bunch of keys is negative, but also the shape. When sitting, the keys often dig into your thighs and are uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you reduce your bunch of keys to your essential keys and keep them in your wallet, you no longer have these problems. They are then in your coin compartment and you no longer suffer from a baggy trouser pocket.

What is the best way to stow away your conclusions?

At first glance, storing the keys in the coin compartment of the wallet seems the most obvious. On closer inspection, however, one realizes that it is not a long-term solution. Because your keys can fall out when paying, they are not particularly safe - and if they are on top of other coins in the coin compartment, they make your wallet even thicker - not as compact a solution as we would like for us.

Is there another way to store your keys safely and easily in your wallet without them falling out? We have the answer. The Lockcard Keyplate gives you the opportunity to attach two keys to a card in the form of a credit card. So you can store the keyplate in the credit card slots of your wallet - or even easier, between the shell and the strap of the lockcard wallet. You might be thinking: only two keys? Who has only two keys these days? We think the counter question is: How many keys do you really need regularly in your everyday life and is it worth carrying them with you every day?


In contrast to the many key organizers that are flooding the market right now, the Lockcard Keyplate rethinks how you store your keys. Instead of just neatly clipping or sticking your keys into an extra tool, the Lockcard Keyplate frees you from an everyday object - and ensures that you can no longer lose your keychain or even have to think about it.

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Ich sehe da ein gewisses Sicherheitsrisiko: wenn ich sowohl Personalausweis als auch Haustür- und Wohnungsschlüssel im Lockcard aufbewahre, kann ein Finder direkt zur Meldeadresse reisen und durchmaschieren. Ein Austausch des Schlosses ist also unvermeidbar – bei einem Mehrfamilienhaus sogar an der Haustür mit hohen Kosten für die Schlüssel aller Nachbarn.



Grundsätzlich eine gute Idee. Meinen einen Schlüssel am Ring und kleinen Lederanhänger habe ich immer links im Hosensack. Portemonnaie nehme ich nur bei Bedarf mit. In meinem Fall hieße erst mal, grundsätzlich das Portemonnaie mitzuschleppen…… Hm. Ist sicherlich Gewohnheitssache und abhängig vom Gesamtpaket. Eine Seite hätte ich aber immer frei für Sonstiges. Ich grüble noch, ob Ihr meine Lösung habt.

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