Coins - The three most sensible uses

Münzgeld - Die drei sinnvollsten Verwendungsmöglichkeiten - Lockcard

In Germany, 50% of retail transactions are processed with cash. Since you can't usually pay by card in many smaller shops, such as the bakery around the corner, you will have to or be allowed to use "real" money in the future.

The result is wallets full of coins. This can become a problem, especially with smaller and smaller wallets.

In this blog article, we will go into a variety of solutions to this problem. 

1. Keep change in a piggy bank

The piggy bank is the most obvious solution for storing coins that you don't want to lug around in your wallet.

The desire to lighten your trouser pocket in the evening is not big enough for you? Then you should get in the habit of regularly emptying your wallet into your piggy bank.

Do not underestimate the amount that can accumulate in this way. After a short time it can be enough to go out to eat or even contribute to financing your holiday in the long term.

Maybe it's just a nice moment to find forgotten money in your piggy bank and enjoy it.

lock card bank

Lockcard has taken the piggy bank one step further. For us, a piggy bank is not just a place to store cash. It should also give you easy access to this.

With a conventional piggy bank, the possibility of taking the right banknote out of the piggy bank is very cumbersome: open the lid, look for the right banknote in the piggy bank and pull it out with a long finger.

Alternatively, you can spread the contents of the piggy bank on the table. For us, both ways of getting cash take some getting used to.

With Lockcard Bank we have found a solution to this problem. The modern piggy bank consists of a lid and a base, both held together with eight neodymium magnets. There are two compartments in the bottom of the Lockcard Bank, a smaller one to store your bills and a large one to put coins.

Unlike the piggy banks on the market, by removing the lid it is easy to access your cash and find the right note or coin.

2. Leave change at the till

Since the lockcard does not fit any large amount of coins, and we do not consider it necessary, some customers have gotten into the habit of simply leaving the change where they are.

Sellers are happy about a small tip or you can make a small contribution to a better world by donating at the checkout. Small amounts from many people can make a big difference.

3. Tipping in restaurants

Unlike in other countries, tipping in Germany is voluntary and is not shown on the till receipt. However, tipping is a nice gesture and is actually expected.

Why not give the change as a tip, which you don't have room for in your small wallet anyway, and which would only bother you and make your pocket heavier?


Coins are a problem for users of small wallets, slim wallets or card cases. For those with a large purse, you can put it in your purse, but that makes your purse even bigger and heavier.

Our suggestion: simply leave the money where it is, i.e. donate it or give it away as a tip. Or simply daily or weekly in the money box - for example the Lockcard Bank - do. There will be a decent amount of money over time ;)

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Hallo ich habebei eurem youtube shortsdie lockcard Bank entdeckt und finde sie sehr toll. Gibt es die noch zu kaufen?



Ich würde mich auch sehr freuen, wenn die Lockcard Bank in den Shop kommt.
Ich kann mir kein anderes Sparschwein vorstellen.



Wo kann man die kaufen ?



Hallo ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr die Bank nochmal in den Shop stellen würdet

Leon Bogar

Leon Bogar

Hallo, ich habe bei euren Youtube Shorts die Lockcard Bank gesehen und finde sie sehr super. Gibt es diese noch zu haben oder wie sieht es aus?

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