8 things that make a good wallet - purchase criteria for wallets

8 Dinge die einen guten Geldbeutel ausmachen - Kaufkriterien für Geldbeutel - Lockcard

When looking for a new wallet, everyone asks themselves: what makes a good wallet for me? Which qualities are important to me?

We have written this blog article to give you an overview of all the criteria for a wallet that can play a role in your new wallet choice.

1st size

How big should your wallet be? In the past, you bought a large, classic leather wallet so that you could store a lot of cash in it.

That doesn't have to be the case these days. Many manufacturers have reduced the size of a wallet as cash payments are often giving way to card payments.

These small purses are then called slim wallets. You put the main focus on the cards, but some manufacturers also allow you to take small amounts of notes or coins with you.

2. weight

A factor that is just as important as the size of a wallet is its own weight. Of course, this stands or falls with the size of the purse. But the materials used also play a major role.

A wallet made of leather is significantly heavier than an alternative made of tear-resistant paper, plastic or aluminum, which is often used in slim wallets or card cases.

“For me, size and weight are the decisive criteria when choosing a wallet. They decide whether the wallet in the pocket is perceived as a nuisance or not.

3. Handling

Not only size and weight play a role, but also how well you can manage with the wallet. If it is relatively easy to get the right card with classic, large leather wallets, it is usually a bit more complicated with slim wallets.

Since the cards are stacked on top of each other in many small, modern wallets to save space, manufacturers have come up with various techniques and methods for easy access to the cards. The range goes from a sliding mechanism to fanning out the cards with thumb and forefinger.

4. RFID protection

Some wallet manufacturers integrate RFID protection into their wallets to protect their cards from unwanted reading by third parties, and thus to avoid fraud and money withdrawals.

In most cases, this means that an aluminum layer is incorporated into the wallet or that it is made directly from aluminum. This material shields the cards and is intended to prevent unwanted reading. 

However, how high the risk of this fraud is, and whether you have to protect your cards from being read unintentionally, is disputed.

5. Customization of the wallet

Very few wallets adapt to the number of cards. The few wallets that can do this are mostly slim wallets, where the cards are held together with a rubber band.

Although this setup isn't very common, it's very convenient because it keeps your wallet in the smallest dimensions.

6. Quality

The wallet can be so small, so light, or so practical, if the quality is not right, it's all worthless. Because if the wallet breaks after a few weeks or months, it is useless.

Purses, whether classic leather purses or small slim wallets, must be of good quality because they should withstand everyday use and be a very durable item.

7. Ecological standard

It's not just the presentation of the wallet on the website: the ecological values ​​that the company represents also play their part in the decision.

A purse from Germany is not only manufactured under better environmental conditions, you can also assume a higher quality.

In the case of cheap leather products in particular, it can be assumed that the leather was not obtained in an animal-friendly environment and, in most cases, is not a waste product from the meat industry.

In addition, you may also have to factor in the shipping from Asia by plane or ship in the CO2 balance of a wallet.

8th prize

For many, the main criterion number 1 - it is often worth spending a little too much than too little. A durable, high-quality and well thought-out product is always worth the money, but should also be your daily companion for years, if not decades.


In my opinion, a contemporary wallet no longer has to be big. A small package size usually also results in a low weight. Handling is another important criterion, but with a little practice you will be able to handle any slim wallet.

However, a product that is manufactured under good environmental and working conditions also comes at a price. In my opinion, however, the longevity of a wallet justifies it again.

The Lockcard Wallet is a wallet we created that meets the above criteria and requirements better than any other on the market. Let yourself be convinced (hyperlink to shop).

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