4 steps to lighten your wallet and therefore your pocket

Überfüllter Geldbeutel

Tired of walking around with a bulky heavy leather wallet? We have the solution for you, but maybe it's enough for you to simply do a big clean-up campaign through your wallet.

Everything out once

In order to see what belongs in a wallet, we should first get an overview. That means: everything out. Now we can get a clearer picture of what is spread out.

What really belongs in your wallet?

That's easy to answer: definitely cards, bills and coins, then of course the coffee card or other bonus cards, but jewelry or pictures or even vehicle registration? Or even condoms? I don't believe. Let's take a closer look.

When it comes to jewelry, you have to be careful not to damage it when you handle it roughly with your wallet, simply because of its fragility and shine.

It's a nice gesture and a good reminder of a loved one to put a picture of them in their wallet. Unfortunately, the beautiful picture fades out after just a few glances in the wallet and in the long run the picture suffers quite a bit.

A slim, small purse must always be a tidy purse. That's why receipts and credit card receipts from two weeks ago have no place in a wallet.

After we are sometimes asked to what extent a vehicle registration document fits into the Lockcard wallet , we asked ourselves: why would you want to keep your vehicle registration document in your wallet at all? Isn't the car a much better place for it?

Since no one has yet been able to convince us otherwise, we are in favor of simply leaving the vehicle registration document in the car in order to save money.

Ok, now what about the condom? - I can't do without something like that in my wallet! Yes, unfortunately you should. Bags and purses tend to be too warm for condoms because they are close to the body and its warmth. When condoms are exposed to heat, the latex weakens, increasing the risk of rupture.

Did that alone convince you?

A purse is there to hold a large amount of cash, isn't it?

When we first thought about whether we really needed such a large wallet, we thought to ourselves: Actually, we only need a few bills, maybe a few coins. But why then does half the population take the coins from their whole piggy bank with them? Maybe these thoughts will make you think and treat yourself to a more comfortable fit by leaving your cash at home or even better - paying with credit cards or your cell phone.

Keep keys in wallet?

Since I find it very practical not to have to think about my keys in everyday life, I stow my bunch of keys in my wallet. But since it is not very compact and safe to keep your house key in the coin compartment of your wallet, we designed the Lockcard Keyplate .

This is a card on which you can securely attach your keys. Here you come to a detailed blog post where I write about keeping the keys in the wallet.

Ok, now we've cleared out your wallet, there's not much left, is there? In the best case, it's just a few cards and maybe the emergency bill.

When you have your leather purse in front of you without content, you will notice the size and weight of it even without content. That was the main reason for us to design the Lockcard wallet .

A household elastic would be enough to keep your cards and cash together. However, to protect the cards from scratches, we added two outer shells to a wide rubber that holds everything together. In order not to have to stow the change loosely in our trouser pockets, we have equipped the Lockcard Wallet with three cash compartments of different sizes.

So everyone can adjust their small wallet according to their needs. The cash compartment is one of our unique selling points that sets us apart from other card cases, smart wallets or slim wallets.


Many things that a large part of society carries around in their wallets these days make the wallet big and bulky. So it's worth taking your time and sorting out everything you don't need every day. When you look at the empty purse, you notice: My leather purse is pretty thick even without any content. Reason enough to switch to a new, more functional and compact wallet - why not the Lockcard Wallet ?

You can find it together with many other innovative products in our shop.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our products, we look forward to receiving an email from you :)

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