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Lockcard Wallet mit Apple Air Tag

The Apple Air Day

What is a wallet's biggest problem? Well, everyone carries more or less cash and keeps it in their larger or smaller purse along with other important cards.

All in all, this small everyday object is worth a lot and can be lost very easily due to its usually small size. In the blog article we show you what you can do so that you can always find your wallet.


How the Apple AirTag works

With the AirTag , Apple released a product on April 20 that those interested in technology have been waiting for for a long time. The AirTag is a small radio transmitter that, thanks to its built-in chip, can be located via Bluetooth and ultra-wideband if it is lost.

Depending on the built-in chipset in your iPhone, the AirTag can be found with varying degrees of accuracy. With an iPhone 10, SE or older you can display the approximate location of the AirTag. In addition, a loud beep can be played using the integrated loudspeaker, which makes it even easier to find it again.

Since the iPhones of the 11th and 12th generation have a built-in U1 chip, they can determine the exact position of the AirTag in space and guide you to your AirTag with pinpoint accuracy using a directional display on the iPhone.

AirTag as a problem solver 

Anyone who loses their wallet is confronted with a lot of stress and effort. ID, various debit and credit cards, money and possibly personal items are suddenly gone. Cards have to be laboriously blocked and reapplied for. With the AirTag, Apple has found a clever solution for this.

Since the AirTag is hardly larger than a two euro coin, it makes sense to integrate it into your wallet so that you can locate your wallet at any time.

But the AirTags are simply not designed for classic wallets. Because with a thickness of 8 mm, an AirTag cannot be stowed in a coin compartment of a purse and certainly not in one of the many slim wallets that do not allow you to take cash with you.


Two ways to connect the AirTag to the Lockcard wallet

After we already offer cash compartments of different sizes for the Lockcard Wallet , we came up with the idea of ​​simply integrating the AirTag into a cash compartment. After trying many different prototypes and design approaches with the 3D printer, we managed to create the perfect print that allows the AirTag to fit perfectly into the new cash compartment .

Don't worry: there is still enough space in the cash compartment for bills and coins.

The Lockcard cash compartment with AirTag connection

Another way to connect the AirTag is by clipping the AirTag into an adapted upper outer shell of the Lockcard Wallet. By saving in this, the AirTag is firmly fixed and additionally held by the outer rubber band.

The Apple AirTag between the upper outer shell and the rubber band

The AirTag is firmly integrated into both connection options. There is no need to worry about the AirTag coming loose or the lockcard wallet bulging.

With these two ways to stow the AirTag in the small lockcard wallet, we are a lot ahead of the manufacturers of classic leather wallets and other slim wallet or card case manufacturers.


With its AirTag, Apple has found an elegant solution to the problem of losing important everyday objects - which can now be cleverly built into our Lockcard Wallet . All you have to do is clip the AirTag into the cash compartment.

You already have an inconspicuous tool with which you can still lose your small wallet, but you can always find it again. Sounds tempting, right?

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Timo Lohmann

Timo Lohmann

Könnt ihr bitte eine Halterung für denn smarttag von Samsung anbieten



Hi, könnt ihr mal bitte noch eine Halterung für den Samsung smarttag anbieten?

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